Every year, the Government of Alberta consults with its citizens regarding how they should invest resources towards Alberta’ future. CAUS views this an an opportunity to provide evidence-based, researched solutions and feedback on behalf of students to better improve post-secondary education across the province.


CAUS’ 2019 Budget Submission

Tuition and Fees
Student Financial Aid
Mental Health
Student Employment
Institutional Funding

CAUS’ 2018 Budget Submission


Institutional Funding

Mental Health

Student Employment

CAUS’ 2017 Budget Recommendations

  • Tuition

  • Mental Health

  • Student Financial Aid

  • Student Employment

CAUS’ 2016 Budget Recommendations

Setting a Foundation for Fairness and Access


CAUS’ 2015 Budget Recommendations

Removing the loopholes in the Tuition and Fee Regulation, ensuring a true tuition cap that limits increases solely to CPI and keeps post-secondary education within the ability of all Alberta students to attend.

  • Putting the tuition cap back into the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

  • Providing ongoing support in the amount of $3 million a year in student mental health funding to the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, and expanding the program to also include MacEwan University and Mount Royal University.

  • Creating a student and graduate employment program that offers meaningful job opportunities to current students and recent graduates.

  • Immediately restoring $100 million in operating funding to Alberta post- secondary institutions, and encouraging individual institutions to eliminate existing Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees.

  • Taking $17 million of the funding currently going towards the Completion Incentive Grant program, and reallocating it to targeted, up-front, needs- based grants for Alberta learners.

  • Establishing an $18 million bursary program to assist Aboriginal, rural, and low-income students to attend post-secondary, and improve the participation rates amongst these underrepresented groups.

CAUS’ 2014 Budget Recommendations

Alberta’s Knowledge Economy: Building the Future of Our Province


CAUS’ 2013 Budget Recommendations

Unlocking Alberta’s Potential


CAUS’ 2012 Budget Recommendations

From the Back of the Pack to the Top of the Class


CAUS’ 2011 Budget Recommendations

Sustaining Alberta’s Economic Advantage Through Smart Investments in Post-Secondary Education

CAUS’ 2010 Bugdet Recommendations

Resilience Through Investment: Post-Secondary Education Leading Alberta’ s Economic Recovery