Preventing Student Exploitation in Post-Secondary Education

International undergraduates studying in Alberta are subject to high-cost tuition, limited employment opportunities, and precarious housing. These students are enmeshed within an intricate policy web linking federal, provincial, and institutional jurisdictions, leading to a diffusion of responsibility among policy-makers. This leaves these undergraduates without serious action taken to address the issues they face. Alberta has seen large growth in the number of international students attending universities in the province, but that influx has been exploited rather than nourished.

CAUS encourages you to read the stories of international students and support our recommendations to encourage more of the worlds brightest to join us in Alberta.

  • • Immediately freeze tuition for international undergraduate students and regulate any future increases to the Consumer Price Index;

    • Restore provincial post-secondary education funding to 1992-1993 levels and adjust tuition to the Consumer Price Index each year thereafter;

    • Bring international differential fees under provincial regulation, and tie future increase to the Consumer Price Index;

    • Open access for international students to financial assistance programs;

    • Strengthen communications between universities and prospective students on housing options and accurate cost of living estimates;

    • Create a provincial strategy between employers, universities, and the province to hire more international undergraduates in meaningful positions to keep them living in Alberta for years to come;

    • Review the current International Graduate Category ineligible occupations list under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program to open more pathways to careers and citizenship.