Securing Alberta's Future

October 12, 2011

Alberta is a province with tremendous opportunity: our provincial government is debt free; we have unparalleled natural resources and beauty; and we have an economy that has weathered the economic downturn, ready to lead Canada in growth. Our post-secondary system is an important part of that opportunity and is well-placed to help overcome the challenges that we face.

Today, Alberta has the lowest post-secondary participation rate in Canada; fewer Albertans go on to formal education than in any other province. This budget is the right moment to work on a goal we have been talking about for the past year: to improve our post-secondary participation rate.

Students recommend:

  • Set more ambitious targets and develop additional measures in the business plan.

  • Establish an arms-length agency to develop research on our post-secondary system.

  • Increase non-repayable student financial aid through upfront grants.

  • Reduce the debt of successful graduates by 50% of the provincial portion of their loan.

  • Increase operating funds to institutions over three years.

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