Unlocking Alberta’s Potential:

Post-Secondary’s Promise to Transform Our Communities

June 1, 2012

Following the beginnings of economic recovery, Alberta is facing new challenges and opportunities. Across our country Canadians are talking about the role universities and university students are going to play in our society. From the streets of Montreal to the recent Alberta election post-secondary education is being talked about as the long-term solution to securing our potential as a world leader.

Students’ unions worked hard in the last election to get students out to vote, ensuring that their voice would be heard on April 23. As government returns to work, we look forward to implementing the government’s mandate with an eye to improving Alberta’s post-secondary participation rate, which currently is the lowest in Canada.

Student leaders are similarly eager to get down to work, having just finished our elections on campus and new councils being sworn in on May 1.

Our priorities this year are:

  • Restoring the provincial tuition cap

  • Regulating mandatory non-instructional fees

  • Removing the barriers to student voting

  • Increasing post-secondary participation among rural and aboriginal Albertans

  • Eliminating property taxes on residences

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